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Dance or Die


Dancer/Choreographer Ahmad Joudeh
Composer Farid Sheek
Cello Maya Fridman
Director Lacey uhlemeyer @laceyuhle
Creative Director @carlyhebert1
Cinematographer @justinphamilton


Dance or Die celebrates the determination of Ahmad Joudeh, a Syria-born dancer, who battles against war, death threats and statelessness in the pursuit for his true meaning of freedom. “I came from a place where death surrounded me, yet hope was blossoming within me and it still does, so I rise. Everyday I see people fighting for their freedom , sacrificing their lives for it, and now for the soul of Mahsa Amini. Iran is longing for freedom. Fight and rise cause the only way out is in. One day we will all live in peace.” - Ahmad Joudeh
This music has been composed by Farid Sheek, he believes that
Music allows you to tell a story that is bigger than words can capture

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