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The flow of EastWest

(music & calligraphy-painting)

By: Fraidoon Warsta, Farid Sheek, Doriene Marselje, Mohsen Masoumi & Maya Fridman

This event is about the fusion of art and music with the purpose of challenging the senses of hearing and sight at the same time. This will pave the way for a new Space in our mind which surpasses the conventional Time.

In this artistic happening calligraphy-painting on the canvas is complementary to music. The flow of the brush strokes of harmonious calligraphic elements and the rhythm of music resonating in the air; consequently the audience will experience a different dimension of the current moment.

While the music is played, the Brush follows its tempo.

This flow of elements depicts also the harmony of sound and form.

The canvas represents the emptiness where various elements are set in motion to create a congenial oneness. Sometimes there’ll be a pause which signifies the tranquility alongside motion. Tranquility is the underlying reality of our existence which creates harmony. In this case tranquility and motion go hand in hand and arise mutually.

These Far Eastern, Persian and European calligraphy forms are, despite their dissimilar appearances, the integral fragments of the wholeness, oneness and integrity.

In other words, in spite of our differences, in our essence, We are One.

Symbolically the colours of letters of these different calligraphy styles, represent the three human mental states, with regard to their geographic locations:

Far Eastern: Yellow, stands for soul

Persian: Red, stands for heart

Western: Blue, stands for intellect

These three states of mind are in fact one, which is the state of our being.

At last, the message of our performance, the flow and fusion of music and calligraphy-painting, is to convey the message of Love, Oneness and Peace for the entire World.

SUN SEP 12 2021 AT 03:30 PM TO 04:30 PM UTC+02:00

Stadsklooster Utrecht | Utrecht

Farid Sheek; composition, Maya Fridman: Cello, Doriene Marselje: Harp, Mohsen Masoumi: Bass, Fraidoon Warsta; calligraphy-painting

Peace for All!


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