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The Pyramid of Health

Scientific studies have shown, throughout the years, that music has a lot of positive effects on our health. Music helps us relax, decreases our blood pressure, and is seen as the ultimate cure for stress, because it releases endorphins in the brain and lowers the level of stress hormones. Listening to music alone has a positive impact on our health, but making music even more.

Health is a pyramid with three sides: body, mind and soul. Although a lot of people focus on one or two of these sides, we must ‘train’ ourselves on all three sides in order to live a healthy life. In the Netherlands people make sure to train their body (for example through practicing sports or eating healthy) and to train their mind (for example through reading or doing math). But we must not forget to train our souls as well (for example through spirtuality or music). Even though music is an effective way to feed our souls, it goes beyond that and has a positive impact on the other sides of the pyramid as well. Music does not only help against stress and a high blood pressure, it also helps against physical pain and improves our eat- and sleep pattern. In addition, it increases our spatial awareness - and can even help you to jack up your IQ!


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